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Currently No Puppies Available

We think it is important that people understand why reputable breeders have puppies, and why at times the availability of puppies sold as "companion dogs" is so limited.

The explanation linked below will help you, as a companion dog owner or buyer; better understand the priorities of the breeder for breeding.

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What Puppy Owners Say

Riley Riley is doing great – he is a happy/mellow pup! He's using his doggie door regularly, holding his potty all night and getting more and more lovable all the time.

His very favorite things in the whole world are bully sticks, other dogs (he likes everyone), hopping through the long grass and the water – we can’t keep him out of the water! He gets into every puddle, sprinkler and lake and he loves to swim at the cabin.

Needless to say, we love having him in our lives and are very glad we found you and him!

Stacie T.
Happy Heirloom Wheatens Puppy Owner

I think about you guys almost everyday, as we are growing more and more in love with Jessie! She found her special place in our family and she is dear to all of us. She is growing and learning new things everyday. We have visited with a groomer and she had a visit a couple of weeks ago. She goes again tomorrow. I am trying to take her frequently so she gets used to it. Our vet was thrilled with her and thinks she is beautiful, too.

I just wanted to say hi and tell you how well our puppy is doing. Jessie is smart and full of energy and we love her!

Diza H.
Proud Heirloom Wheatens Puppy Owner


Take a look at our past litter in action. They are all with their new families now. Here is a QuickTime™ movie we made of our puppies playing. Unforgetable!

You will need QuickTime™ plug-in for your browser to view these movies. If you don't have that, please download QuickTime™ here.

Click below to view the movies. They will open in a pop-up window. We offer a couple different sizes depending on your connection speed.

1. Puppies (320 x 240 - 8.5MB)

2. Puppies (240 x 180 - 5.3MB)

You can also contact other breeders on the Greater Denver Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier site : www.denverwheatenclub.org

"Pedigree is what the dog should be.  Conformation is what the dog appears to be.
Performance shows what the dog actually is."

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